Cycle a Difference is the challenge of a lifetime cycling adventure across northwest and central Vietnam in May 2013. Sponsorship from the ride will support UK led nurse training and life saving equipment. (Event Website)

The ride begins in Lao Cai close to the Vietnam boarder with China, with four exhilarating days in the mountains, and ventures onto the historic Ho Chi Minh trail before heading for the famed Hai Van pass. Cycle a Difference is more than a bike trip – it is an inspiring journey with like-minded people who are united by their passion for cycling and making a difference in life.

On the Cycle a Difference ride, you will experience epic biking, amazing scenery, towering mountains, cascading rice terraces, the simple rhythms of rural life and the warmth of Vietnamese hospitality, which all combine to make this charitable event exciting and fun.

This is an 850 mile ride over 10 days, each day is a new adventure, and the ride finishes with a heroes welcome at the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children. The highlight is the opportunity to see the special care baby unit that this ride is supporting, meet the doctors and nurses, witness the babies bond with their parents, and experience the moment where language, economics and nationality fall away, allowing you to connect for one cause, as one human being to another, one parent to another.