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  1. Dominic Cathan says:

    There and Back: Breaking the LEJOGLE Record by Ben Rockett (2011)

    To find out what a person can endure and how far they can ride, There and Back certainly lays out what it takes: most of us would have given up after the first day! In this candid account, Ben Rockett describes his record-breaking attempt at cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats and then back again!

    Rockett is a natural story-teller and his will power and determination, through appalling weather, injury and hallucinations, in order to keep pedalling and break the former record by almost 23 hours, is formidable. Information about facts we all want to know (but never quite dare to ask!) is included. What was his diet? Where did he sleep? What preparation did he do? How sore was his butt?! The details of the utterly unglamorous physicality of such a long ride are described with humour and clarity such as treating a broken foot with talc and exhaustion-induced hallucinations of buying sandwiches from a hedge! Along with information about the bike and the technicalities which would appeal to any cycling enthusiast.

    The account of this extraordinary ride is an inspiration to other cyclists to keep going that extra distance. Rockett’s determination and drive are infectious and his book is a powerful motivator for each of us to push ourselves to succeed, however small the task. There and Back is an unputdownable read. This is one cyclist who does not need a ghost writer and has the magic of keeping the reader gripped. Let’s hope that Rockett embarks on another adventure soon so that we can continue reading of his exploits and successes.

    Dominic Cathan

  2. James says:

    Hey. I heard you speak the other day and I’ve just finished reading your book. When you were talking I really connected what you were saying with my races and you described many things that really made me think, particularly about valuing more than my finishing times. I loved the book by the way. J

  3. Laura T. says:

    Ben, thank you for coming to our company and telling us all about your truly wonderful ride and how you prepared yourself to be able to do it. I find it amazing how you were able to do all of that yourself and keep focused when everything was getting so difficult. All week the office has not stopped talking about it. There is now very a long queue waiting to read your book. You’ve made such an impact on everyone that heard you speak and now everyone else wants to know about what happened. Good luck in everything that you have coming up!

  4. Sandy says:

    To summarise this book: Slightly mental but very exciting to read.

    I took this book as an ‘aeroplane read’ after a friend left it on my desk at work. In all honesty, I was attracted by the cover but had no idea what LEJOGLE meant. The description on the back cover got me hooked – how can someone ride that long without sleeping? And I wasn’t disappointed one bit. I was racing through the pages, desperate to know which body part would fall off next. Quite extraordinary how someone can keep riding with all the problems the book describes. My commute to work no longer conjures up bad thoughts. After all, I get a meal and a hot shower when I arrive, not another 1890 miles of tarmac.

    I’d urge anybody with an interest in cycling, determination, give-it-a-go attitude or some spare time to get a grip on this book and read it in one sitting. It’ll make you think twice about what you do each day. I wish I’d known about it when you were doing it. Great read, but you are slightly mental.

  5. Emma Salter says:

    Wow! I genuinely don’t know what to say-I couldn’t put it down! Knowing how the story ends, and given that the extent of my cycling prowess is a 10 minute cycle to work along one straight road, I initially wondered how interested I could be in an entire book about one cycle ride…How wrong could I be? I actually couldn’t put the thing down, and intensely irritated my boyfriend (and probably everyone else on the channel tunnel where I read a large part of it) by continuously giving him a poke in the ribs and regaling him with one of the many gobsmacking, gruesome or awe-inspiring anecdotes from the story. This book truly does fill you with a sense of disbelief, wonder and unbelievable admiration for this inspiring young man and the extents he will go to to achieve his goal. A story of true endurance against the odds-If you think you’ve ever been blown away by a story before, you aint read nothing yet!

  6. RayMan says:

    When I was given this book I was unsure why. Now I have read this book I know exactly why I am passing it around to everyone I can.

  7. Jacob says:

    Whilst Ben Rockett’s feat of absolutely smashing the previous LEJOGLE record is nothing to be sniffed at, arguably his most amazing feat is turning a story of 1,880 miles of pedal turning monotony into an thoroughly exhilarating tale, particularly given the extent of his mental instability for substantial periods of the ride. The detailed account of racing through town after town all the way up and down the length of the country creates a fast-flowing narrative, interspersed with engaging and motivational prose as well as interwoven banter from Ben’s support team and, to a much lesser extent, from the man himself.

    His determination in constant battling with his mind, his body, and the United Kingdom’s antisocial weather is truly admirable. Were this anybody else they would put this feat of mind over matter down as the pinnacle of their life’s achievements. However, I know for a fact that this will not be the case for Ben and he will continue to push himself to the upmost limits of human endurance…watch this space!

  8. Chris Caddick says:

    Having heard bits and pieces over the last few years about the rediculous ride and what a nutter Ben was, from reading the book what really took me by suprise no matter how nuts he is, there is something more about Ben which is not only the reason he managed to finish, but also why as a reader you need to read this book, and wont be able to stop till you have finished it.

    There is one part of the book towards the end when reflecting on a training ride, which I think will haunt me for a long time… but only as a constant reminder of just how motivated one man can be

  9. Pete Scull says:

    What Ben achieved during that week back in August 2010 still astounds me. I am sure that only a handful of people in the world can comprehend the pain that Ben was experiencing a times during the cycle, both mentally and physically he stood up to each test and challenge that was presented to him and remarkably kept finding a way to keep turning those pedals.

    To have experienced the ride as a member of the support team was a privilege and is certainly an experience that I will treasure. That is where the book comes in, its fantastically written and believe me recounts the highs and lows of the ride in such phenomenal detail. We get in insight into what it feels like to be on a bike for six days straight, with just minutes of sleep whilst tackling one of the most established cycling endurance records. The fact that when reading the book I was gripped and couldn’t put the thing down is testament to Ben’s abilities as a writer (and also the fact he was awake for more of the week than I was).

    I would (and have!) recommend this book to all, if you want to better yourself in anyway let this be the tool that demonstrates just what we can achieve when we test our limits and take risks…whether its losing a few pounds, learning a new language or having a crack at Ben’s record yourself, buy this book! I promise you will not regret it!

  10. Tasmine says:

    Call me wind because I am abloustely blown away.

  11. Martin Cox says:

    Whilst reading it I found myself shouting to the other room for my wife to come in and listen as I recounted paragraphs of herculean feats – or simply wanted to tell her of the time Ben fell asleep on the toilet!

    The book is a true eye-opener into the mindset of a person determined to be the best that they can, it will make you laugh and almost certainly cringe in your seat as you realise just how far one person is willing to go.

    Ben’s story is ridiculous, it beggars belief how anyone would want to put themselves through so much, and it will inspire the reader to want to do more, to be better and to try harder.

    It is every bit as worthy on your shelf as ‘It’s not about the bike’ by Lance Armstrong and should be essential reading for anyone with an unquenched passion!

  12. Ollie says:

    This is an insane read! Hope you’re ok now man?!

  13. Sabine Zonderland says:

    Fantastic read. Can’t wait to for more adventures, and more books!

  14. Annabel Wilson says:

    This was absolutely amazing. From the very first page I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. I read it all in one sitting, but I did think you’re slightly mad!
    Because of this book I have decided to make huge changes in my life. It was so humbling to read about the lengths you went to in order to achieve your goal, and I was astonished by what you were prepared to go through. I have recommended this book to so many people.