When I cycled across the USA in 2008 I was able to follow a route called the TransAm, which is just one of several routes within the USA that can take riders from one side of the country to the other. There are several routes, and all are detailed through the Adventure Cycling Association’s Website where cycle tourers can access the maps and everything you’ll need to get across the country. Yet whilst I was following this route and seeing some of the greatest sights in America, I was thinking to myself, why doesn’t such a trail exist in the UK? Land’s End to John o’Groats would be great if there were marked routes that took riders through the best parts the country has to offer. I hope one day, such a variety of routes will exist here at home. But right now the UK end-to-end is being completed by over 700 riders in just nine days as the 2012 Ride Across Britain is under way. Live tracking on the website will enable you to see when they’re in your area (they’ve already been through mine, stopping off at Bath University).