I woke on Monday morning to learn that I had a place in the 2012 Cyclothon UK cycle challenge, where I’ll be racing hundreds of other riders around the Brands Hatch racing circuit in Kent. It’ll fit perfectly in with this week’s training schedule and by all accounts, it’ll be in warm (ish) autumnal sunshine. 7.30am – 7.30pm, non-stop riding around the 2.3 mile circuit… how many laps will be completed??¬†


So far this week I’ve accrued a tidy number of miles. On Monday I did a nice ride out from London and into Kent, losing myself in the countryside before picking my way back through to Surrey and onto Guildford (about 90 ish miles at that point). Hoping for something slow and gentle I joined in with some of the Cycle Surgery¬†staff who picked a hilly but fast route to put a little more misery into already sore legs. Ending back in Guildford a couple hours later and being met with a fabulous meal offered time for a short rest before the lights were mounted and the 25mile time-trial return to London began. Another 158 miles marked on the training calendar.

This morning was a little more sedate, although not a drop less painful. Sports Massage with Neon Training’s Benson Spiers. Always entertaining sessions, if nothing else, to remember why the hands of masseurs are dangerous tools. Feeling great, it was back out on the bike for a gentle 50 miles, all the while thinking about Thursday’s Cyclothon UK challenge. Here’s a video from last year’s event: