We all know that it’s dangerous to ride on the roads with headphones in, but AfterShokz Sport M2 headphones have made it possible to have your music and have your ears wide open to ambient noise, keeping you motivated and entertained by your music, and safe at the same time.

They’ve utilised ‘bone conduction technology’, first developed for use within military operations. Rather than using the ear-drum as the transmitter of the sound waves, AfterShokz technology sends the sounds to the inner ear through the cheekbone. What is more, the sound is not interrupted by wind as it can be with ear-bud or conventional headphone devices making this an ideal system by which to listen to music on the bike.

I’ve been using AfterShokz Sport M2 headphones to listen to my music playlists whilst training for the UMCA 24 hour time-trial world championships. Music is great company when I’m riding for 20+ hours at a time, and so with this technology I am able to enjoy my created playlists and still ride safely with an awareness of what’s going on around me.

You might think that such technology comes at a high price. Well if so, you’d be wrong. The AfterShokz Sport M2 is available at a very affordable price at just £69.99. You will not be disappointed with these.