(Excerpt taken from poleofcold.com)

“The Pole of Cold Expedition is a journey to chase the onset of winter across Europe and Siberia as far as the Pole of Cold, the coldest place in the world outside of Antarctica. Treating winter as a geographical concept, the expedition team will explore the social, cultural and physical implications of the season on the communities along the route, looking at different attitudes to the cold.
How do you use an iced-over lake to heat a house? What does it sound like when breath freezes? When do reindeer need shoes and coats? How do you start a car when it is so cold petrol freezes? What is it like to use river ice as a road – and what happens when it melts? Is it possible for temperature to rise with altitude rather than drop? How do you bury the dead when the ground is frozen solid?
Curiosity about the day-to-day reality of life at the extremes of climate is the inspiration for the Pole of Cold Expedition. As a team we have impressive cold-weather credentials between us but it is a fascination for the stories of lives lived in severe winter conditions, the peculiarities of nature at subzero temperatures and the challenge of travel in such a demanding environment that motivates us. We hope that by sharing the experiences of the journey in new and innovative ways we can exchange winter wisdom between communities and promote a fresh look at how we manage our lifestyles during the severest weather.”