afcI am delighted to announce that Iesis Engineering Consultancy have come onboard as a major sponsor of the expedition! It goes without saying that sponsors are key to expeditions such as this one and I am delighted to represent Iesis during this event.

“The directors at Iesis Ltd have followed Ben’s challenges over the years and have been impressed with the focus and dedication shown. Quite apart from the excellent charity support that Ben provides, we at Iesis are delighted to be involved with Ben’s positive approach and pioneering ambition” (Iesis Directors).

About Iesis:


We do not seek to provide ordinary solutions because our clients do not seek ordinary results. Our service is unique and the products we deliver are bespoke. Innovation remains our starting point for all projects.


It is not enough merely to deliver a solution to a problem. We constantly strive for successful results through interrogation and optimisation to deliver the best solution to the problem.”